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Flash Intro/Home page
This gives you the opportunity to present your audience with a flash animated introductory page. Showing not only your brand, but also integrating messaging to market your product, much like a TV advertisement.

Services Page
What services do you offer? This page will inform your audience of this information. This can also refer to specifics about your company, and or how to enlist your skill sets into another's business.

Portfolio/Picture Gallery
Do you have an assortment of pictures, perhaps a product catalog, a portfolio of client work, or maybe just want to display a gallery of images to your audience? Well this feature allows you to do just that. Spanning any number of images in any assortment, we can bring your collection to your audience in a way that is not only easy to see, but easy to update as well.

About Us
Talk about your history, who you are, where you're from, and where you're going. This is the gist of this page. Yet as many pages go, it also carries the opportunity to say much more. We can ensure that your story is complete and easy to read within this page.

Contact Us
We provide you with a contact form where your audience may enter in an assortment of qualifying data to contact you through a database, or simply the ability to post your contact information in a fashionable way. As what you do may only be as important as, how to get a hold of you.

Online Mapping System

Concise directions to future clientele or perhaps laying out a virtual landscape to give an online tour of an area, we can create mapping systems to accommodate any terrain be it landscape, industrial, technical, or mechanical. Yet we don't stop with just a map to navigate, this also includes zoom and printability features as well, to get the most out of your layout system.

Need an online form for employment applications? Or maybe you just want an easy way to let people know what positions are open and when. This system will allow you to do that and more. Giving you the ability to link to documentation about the position, or add additional resources for qualifying applicants.

Two Dynamic section
This can be anything from a small Inventory System, Client Access Section, News Section, Ecommerce, Calendar etc.
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